Saturday, 6 October 2012


Animated Viewing

What is the name of the fat, lazy, wisecracking, lasagne-eating cartoon cat created by Jim Davis in 1978?

What product, advertised by animated cartoon characters, Gaffer, Sidney and Maurice was axed in 2001 and reintroduced in 2010?
Tetley Tea

Playing chief salesman for the country, which cartoon series featured Prime Minister Tony Blair in 2003?
The Simpsons

Who is the skipper of the 'Flying Dustman' in the children’s cartoon, ‘Captain Pugwash’?
Cut Throat Jake

Who is the anthropomorphic wacky passerine voiced by Mel Blanc in the 1940s cartoon series?
Woody the Woodpecker

From which pop icons did the four vultures in the cartoon film, 'Jungle Book' take their names?
The Beatles

In the Walt Disney cartoons, whose brilliant nephew was Gilbert?

In which animated TV series do Blossom, Bubbles and Buttercup appear as three little girls with superpowers?
Powerpuff Girls

In which 2009 animated movie do the protagonists fly to South America in a floating house suspended from helium balloons?       

Who is the creator of 'Wallace and Gromit' and 'Shaun the Sheep'?
Nick Park

World of Sport

In what kind of racing was Jim Clark world champion?
Formula One Motor Racing

Under Chris Hughton’s managership, who surprisingly won the Carling Cup in 2011 when they beat Arsenal 2-1?
Birmingham City

In golf, what is the lowest par golf hole that you can shoot a double-eagle?

How many points are awarded to the winning team of each match during the Six Nations Rugby Championship?

In tennis, what three-letter word does an umpire use for a player to play the point again?

Who was the winner of the 2006 Tour de France who tested positive for a banned substance?
Floyd Landis

Which sporting season runs from early April to early October and includes races over distances from 50 miles up to 2000 miles?
Pigeon racing

What imitation equine is a leather-covered gymnastics apparatus with two wooden handles?
Pommel Horse

In which indoor sport is wearing white considered bad form, and not allowed in competition?
Table tennis

Which of these was not an Olympic sport at the Paris Olympics of 1900 - Cycling, Boxing, Croquet or Golf?

General Knowledge

With which season of the year is the Vernal Equinox associated, when night and day are nearly the same length?

With which good cause does the UK charity Gingerbread associate itself?
Lone parents

With regard to vehicle taxation what precisely does the letter 'N' stand for in the acronym 'SORN'?

Whose annual salary includes 150 bottles of sherry?
The Poet Laureate

Often used by Gordon Brown, what word meaning showing good judgement does the anagram 'Crude pen' form?

Famous for looking after the interests of senior citizens, what does the acronym SAGA stand for?
Society for the Appreciation of the Golden Age

What year derives from the Roman numerals, MCMXLIV?
1944 (1000 + (1000 − 100) + (50 − 10) + (5 − 1))

Which word means the greater proportion, a church service and to concentrate in one area?

Which word, familiar to generations of British soldiers, derives from a Hindustani word for home?

Which was the first daily newspaper to give a one million pound bingo prize?
The Daily Mirror (accept The Mirror)

Across The Pond

In the USA, what are the only mobile national landmarks?
The San Francisco cable cars

What U.S State has a climbing plant named after it?
Virginia (Creeper)

What is the more familiar name for 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue, Washington DC?
The White House

Where in the USA did their worst nuclear accident happen in 1979?
Three Mile Island

Which British actor received Oscar nominations for playing two U.S. Presidents in 'Nixon' and 'Amistad'?
Anthony Hopkins

Which U.S. state was the birthplace of the pop icon, Michael Jackson?

Which British comedy series transferred to American television with the title, "The Rear Guard"?
Dad's Army

For which North American state, is AK the abbreviation?

In which athletics event did American Ralph Boston set a world record in 1960?
Long Jump

In the USA, what creatures are Maryland No.1, Montana No.1 and Minnesota No.3?


Was the occupation of Abel, the second son of Adam and Eve a shepherd, a goat herder or carpenter?

Played by Jill St John, what occupation does Tiffany Case pursue in ‘Diamonds Are Forever'?
Diamond Smuggler

What sort of job did Quasimodo's do in ‘The Hunchback of Notre-Dame'?
Bell Ringer

In Shakespeare's 'A Midsummer Night's Dream', what is the occupation of Quince the director of the players?

What was four-minute miler Roger Bannister's day job?

In the musical 'Fiddler On The Roof', what is the occupation of Tevya, the central character?
A Dairyman

If your professional association were the R.I.B.A., what would be your occupation?
Architect - The Royal Institute of British Architects

What was Christopher Dean's (Torvill & Dean) job before he became a professional skater?

At the court of Elizabeth I, what was the occupation of a limner?
An illuminator of manuscripts

In the 'Peanuts' cartoon strip, what is the occupation of Charlie Brown's father?
A Barber

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Friday, 5 October 2012


Have you ever wondered who writes the quiz questions for TV shows like ‘The Weakest Link’, ‘Who Wants to a Millionaire?’, ‘Eggheads’ or ‘Clever Dicks’? 

Have you also wondered who writes the interesting and annoying facts that appear in magazines and daily newspapers? 

Is there a team of eggheads scribbling away in a locked room in the bowels of a media company or in the basement of a national newspaper?

The answer to the last question is quite simply – No. This task is usually left to specialist publishing companies who employ in-house or freelance writers, like me, Brian Crane, who provide professional and suitable verified quiz material to suit a client’s project.

I'm therefore offering my 22-years experience in publishing and the quiz writing business to write original verified material to suit any specification for Quiz Leagues, Games Companies, Breweries or Newspapers etc...

I also aim to write some freebee quizzes for the blog that people can use at their quiz nights should they wish.

Please contact me via the blog email, or telephone 01983-401122. If the answerphone kicks in, leave a message and I will get back to you ASAP.

Kind regards
Brian Crane